Sotweed Factor Danse Macabre

Alicia Wright

after The Sotweed Factor, or A Voyage to Maryland, A Satyr by Ebenezier Cooke (1708)

in the  arms  of the  hated nuptial  bed

king’s world   I draw you  out you  into new

nocturnal riot   come fled   planter take my hand

corn feeding swine   invisible angels must

contract counter   imbibing  aromatic fire-cure

Peasant: I had to work  very much and very hard

from my hands seep apatite   my body field trial

anatomy of a landscape   sucked lung tar stain

Memento: summon fox snake pig dog sow etc

mori:  trepanning to be in golden slumber’s best

who was the fool who was the wise man

I can give in   stuff my ears with cotten   avoid deaf

blue linen  of planters rabble  beat down bodies blued

after stolen hominy   radicles working into   vomit rivulet

Fear death  drumming   drumming  in death   these leaves

having to believe    just as pink flowers  onto soil sprayed

the equalizing   crop     to be topped