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What time is it Tuesday
I’m tightening my watch
Till lattice marks go on my wrist
My watch is very accurate

The day was fine I leapt
& bounded out the door
but don’t forget the system
My dear it is so accurate

I put it on around my wrist
I pulled it on until it cut
into my wrist but just enough
to make a lattice mark

What time it’s Tuesday
Set my watch again
Stop I can reset
The system is precise

The day was very wet 
Much wetter for a Tuesday
Feel my face it’s wet
but my watch is on my wrist

How fast am I how far
I don’t feel blood 
My shoes are laced two times
I’m going by the watch

What time Tuesday
Your face goes by your feet
I cannot feel my feet
& my wrist has marks

What time still Tuesday
Will it ever finish
My dear what do you mean
We finish every time

What day is it it’s Monday
Sometimes it slips the edge
My watch is very accurate
& then my watch is dead