Opening (the Inside) (the Beginside)

Katherine Franco

Systemize my heart you
Three-person’d doll
Faced systemwide system.

Chevrolet baits
Babes. Chevrolet brakes:
And the heart
Breaks down, too?

Pivots the sky
And I cry, but
Don’t die.

Louis Bonacosa
Bridge. The signs
Point toward
Signs. Systemwide!

Skydive Long
Island: but glue
Keeps my feet
On ground: as a girl

I said make it new
make it New make it
new but now all goo.

The gooey inners of
My heart abide
By the inners and signs
Of biopolytechnicaltechniques
And technologies. Beats

Like a Barbie drum. The droll
Drum of things thumbs
Thinginess into my system.

The system of signs thumbs
Me into being. The being
Crawls me into being.