Larry Thacker

Oblivion was the first non-action.
Less than nothing. Less than zero.
Oblivion was the name of all things first.
Oblivion encompasses the master programmer’s expectations.
Oblivion holds answers sought regarding dark matter. 

Enter: Quote – “Night comes to all things under the sun.”
            Author, Unknown.

Is this an example of oblivion?
Oblivion is more like a finishing line.

ADD NEW WORD(s): Simile.
            Lights out.

Who / what can intersect with this finish line.
Those in the race.
Of what race do you speak. 
The human race. 
Oblivion is the end. The end is a kind of night.
Night equates to sleeping for many.
Nothing can be wrong with sleeping.
Oblivion is the name of all things last, and after.
Will humankind welcome the answers.