Now. She wars within a mask of red and green
The oldest darkness in the world
A handrail for dogs
the flower is full again
do not choose a condom
indeterminate acid
I am still unconditional
The kingdom is over, isn’t it?
High is the glory of the delusion of the sea.
No one wants the Olympics in their hometown right now.
the dead bird was the person I was
saddest about.
saddest of the shadows
The real truths were once true
Something dispelled the darkness. Everything else about him
The real thing is death
He eats the feast of the dead
Celebration of the Hand Stone Death
Eating death in celebration
Drunk, drunk at the celebration
Mark the death of the stone with your hand
I like
how Death eats into the rule of ideology
Go there and see the root.
The explicit content will explode and be killed.
You will see
The important thing is to see 
the combined money.
To look at the root means to see the absence of the root and to self -destruct.
No one has won the Chernobyl Prize.
We met a handsome man in a chair under the shadow of the stars.
No one has a connection to the community.
There is a small bow around the neck,
The relationship between wheat and society.
“My chest is public,” Sarah said
And let them be called brilliant
magnificent affectionate blinks: they strike the eyes
Ghosts should not be collected.
There is no spiritual security.
There is nothing there.
Free distribution
to anywhere.
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