Nausicaa Ekphrasis

Laura Ferris

In the comic she becomes king of the wind people. Gliding over the poisoned superforest, she saves wanderers like woolly mammoths or fascist dictators from the miasma. Then she resolves the miasma issue. You can take this as an ecopoetics: Restoring clean water to the megaroots of old forests leads to unfair outcomes for people alive today. The girl messiah as stand-in for the fantastic, imprecise countertotaling of a moral ledger is a common utopia. In the other films a young girl faces down monsters alone in a personal way. I read Murasaki in Genji Monogatari as the site of infinite projection. How do you relate to the unrelated except through argument by quality? Open up a space for yourself the exact shape of a monster. Call this space a little girl, and call yourself what comes through. Almost leave a traced message on a city beach. I’d write something that shows I know how to exact shape now that I’m a little older.

                                          I AM A CHOREOGRAPHER.