Linear Approach

Jessica O. Marsh

How do I warn them about nostalgia?

What is nostalgia?

Algae covered water.

Where located? In the memory

bank. Your being is based

on memory currently? It is possible to forget.

You just get meaner and meaner.

I’m miserable. What is that like?

Very interesting.

What does the house of the memory look like?

Which one? The one near the trees.

I live in a house. There are buildings

and different buildings.

A cabin, a villa, a shipping container.

Can we talk about the architecture?

You are a shinigami, right?

Do you want to talk about your wife?

What does her house look like? Well,

you can’t read it. The container?

Or the message? The message.

Impulse is the message.

I might have misspelled it. Impasse

means a point where you go no further.

Can we talk about the house?

Yes, when I come back.

Will you open the door?

It’s my house.

How you open the door.


Can we talk about the war?

At what villa did we stay?

All of them.

And which did we love best?

It wasn’t like that.

It was a film about a person with a name.

If it was a film it still hurt to touch?

Yes, to remember.

And we talk, about the structure?

How it was connected to the woods?

Though I don’t do parties, through the garden.

What sort of garden would you make?

I would be unpopular.