not much going right anymore
villain dispatched victim fancies 
himself passive though he’s arranged
the man’s expiration aggressively
while no one of consequence looked
on the respite brief since rascal’d 
already told the secret all over as he
was a drunk and one cannot trust
a drunk to silence gave the opium and
the brandy and covered it up opposing
medical views provide alibi one man
knew and it was known but did he plan
to kill him his land agent as well novels
make plain evil once indulged doesn’t 
relent in its appeal consequences expose
the wrongdoing only inasmuch as it 
cannot go on replicating itself without
incurring severe punishment or why
check power banker is elderly popular
opinion was against him anyway but
now it’s turned out of hand his heart
cannot cycle his breath in regular puffs
collapse at town meeting melodrama
but at seventy perhaps the man just dies