Testimony: Jin Kyung-paeng

Emily Yoon

my mother and I were picking cotton
when two Japanese Kempei passed by
            she told me to lie flat 
But they            found me 
kicked my mother
            put me aboard a ship            then a bigger ship  
which arrived near Kinariyama, Taiwan
            a place with many monkeys and snakes
            potatoes, sweet potatoes,    taro
50 women were not enough for these soldiers
I remember a few of them    Hideo Kanemoto 
            He treated us okay            also 
Oono            Nakamura            Kanjiro Yoshida
            Yamaguchi     Higashi    Inamochi
I stayed with them until
            the end of war    One day in August     
            the soldiers gathered and wept 
In March, we sailed to Pusan 
            An American GI    gave me a bag of candy     and 1,000 won  
We bought rice 
            a good meal 
I was wianbu between 14 and 19
I became feverish    I became infertile
I remember the children     of my dead husband 
I remember a good meal      I am alone
I looked like a stranger at home   in Hapchon    with my darkened skin 
            my mother thought she was dreaming