Is that the goal and is the

Jared Joseph

goal ethical.
Is that what we’re after after
all, know
oneself, the survivor as the
rung.  If
survivor has been beaten
squeezed and
broken dark parts, broke the
elastic on
your waist, perfume genius,
this still is
metaphor, how to get further
after this.  I don’t
know, personally, that.  I’m
unsure, God the
maker, God the baker, God
 teehee’s a
breaker.  Mutual test of safety:
prove that both parties are
statement-makers.  But if
language has
an arbitrary relationship with
that which it
describes, and I will take the
dark part,
if dark’s relation to dark, ship
to dark is arbitrary, then
dark’s a
metaphor for dark, the two
locked to
each other forceibly,
tyranically, and how
to break that.  What if dark’s
What if dark means no tree. 
the light and no tree envelops
And hold you close to me to
you with my body, all but
senses, in the
no tree of night.  On the no
side of the moon.  In all
waters I
am free to love you, I am free
read.  Claire drew freckles on
her face and
looked, and looked and said it
looked like Braille.
As if Braille could look, which
it to me does,
because it’s tense with
secret, bunched up
and raised with secret, like all

I do not know appear to look
at me
when they are written.  Like a
 person seems
a person when she says
she’s going home
and then instead lies beneath
a tree, in
secret, the secret looks at me.
If I could say in secret and
be beneath a tree, all of
sudden.  I want
language now.  I want
language now to
power all of sudden.  If by
breaking forged
connections I could save:
thee.  But
you’re back