Initial Report from the Explorer

Stan Sanvel Rubin

The outer darkness is terrible.
It’s cold and you’re alone there

in a way you never thought of
but now we know is possible.

Anything’s possible, 
we thought we believed

before I launched myself
into this place

from which I am writing now
though you see me with you.

I’m just a shadow on the wall
and a shadow is another wall

you can’t see through.
Inner darkness is terrible too.

That’s not a trick
but one of the conditions.

So you see, as I once proposed,
the incredible dream

isn’t just a dream.
If you’re unlucky enough

to experience it, 
parts of you

remain there forever.
Yes, I know 

this makes no sense.
It isn’t meant to.

I warn the colleagues in this room:
You become what you search for.

Gentlemen, ladies, pretend I’m back.