[In this one lasik eye surgery is considered as well as lingerie but ultimately the decision is futile and I am corrupted by a number of needles]

Ellen Boyette

A black cat crawls into a bassinette and places its mouth over the infant’s mouth to see what the infant might do which is not much. 
It is unfortunate what must be done with cinder blocks out a window or off a dock and yet they cost no more than copper. 
You might recall I said a fable is a strategy and that ropes braid for those who make beds for stomachs pre-lined with pelt and down. Well.
In this one the flautist takes three showers daily. 
The townspeople being made of saline and my production of saline being above average many townspeople must fall every day.
Idle leisure corrupted by a wish for cosmetic dental. Software hangs in my affective malware hence the timid eyes.
Sixteen blue eggs sealed in translucent orange. Scrip on the cover. Behind the mirror on the lowest shelf. 
Fifteen blue eggs in translucent orange. Scrip on the cover. On the counter to the right of the sink.  
In this one the cuticles refuse to re-seal and fruit flies occupy the ripe hippocampus.
I have been lying here a long time posed under an array of three pronged outlets and still the young men are nowhere to be found.
Cuckoo says the clock and the figurines of lovers and swallows coordinate a dance but soon must return to the hollows with their gears.