In Currents

Adam J. Gellings

We continue to receive bodies in currents along the shores
                                                  of the Rio Paraná       some days they are scattered
     amongst the reeds    today    the curate helped identify the bodies    found in the currents
but none were of the current Mayor    
                                                            the old men say the currents have never had a diet

        a five-year-old was devoured like a redcurrant
                             after the same current had bitten his parents    
in Corrientes 
     they picked up all the loose curs    & rent has gone up because
of the currency crisis
                        the Chamamé festival was curtailed by bad currents    at the present time
a warning is out
            for southern currents after a cavalcade of courier wagons
was lifted
like a bird's cry      when we go outside we feel the sky vibrate
                                                                          with the probability of currents   
  inside before dark & close your curtains   but we still fish & piss
                                & stand together in currents         no street vendors have been arrested
                 in currents for eleven days now       babies are born in currents      disappear in currents     mothers
   read aloud the names of the disappeared
                                                as they march through the Plaza     
                                                    carrying photos of the missing  
& signs written in cursive
pasted to the side of every current     when you turn a corner
                                                                        all you see
            are the curved faces & curled lips
of missing currents
     current after current     all mothers want answers     have you seen my current they ask
& down with the currents they curse     it’s all politics the old men say
                                                but stay out of the way
of those swift moving currents.