I-phone Notes, 12:11 PM

Jaclyn Alexander

Because you love you come undone

Strings unraveling out fly birds

nesting in your armpits strings

unspooling and close your eyes it

can be sex watercolor language the

seed of a pomegranate encased in

clear, it can be shitting as real

release of toxins and silly texts with

your friend you’ve known since

u were a kid and used to watch

Clockwork Orange in bed together no

threat of sexuality. Or maybe there

always was a wire of well, love 

Now you send texts about 

Freudian emotislips when he
accidentally sends you a heart 

and laugh about it when you’re high. 

When you’re high with old friends 

language is slippery

as you stick your finger between

your friends’ toes. You find new ways

of saying I love you so it feels real.

You’ve taken drugs with an

old friend where you both

became lions in the bathroom and a

boy shouted from outside the door 

animal collective!

Vagina! Repeatedly. 

Meanwhile the bathroom was vagina: 

lavender, petals, lion women with whiskers.

anyway that was years ago and now

strings have unraveled and been

reformed. You’ve spent parts of your
life in rooms of different colors.

You’ve seen more of the shape of

your slippery celery dream (the

image that always returns)

Slipping into the abyss of tingles


Dipping your feet after already

having drowned

She dropped the corn into the cup

Dylan sings

Now on your couch with a spoon of

peanut butter

Bath is running. You’ll get in

eventually. Tonight you made up

several ideas: record listening party

watercolor party. you’re
ready to yawn back into rooms of

warm orange light