half dozens

Renia White

you so unkempt
nothing want you but the vultures

you you you been stood up so much
you sunflower,

you marching band,
all brass, and not even marching, you

a band that don't move, just try, just muster and fail,
sounding like a stampede of shiny buckles
that don't work.

you extra letter in a misspelled word,
looking at you make my eyes itch, looking like a inside voice's
redaction, you so vase with cracks you can't catch your own seep,

you unspeakable — don't know whether you spacesuit
or gurney. half-steeped "this'll make you feel better" tea
drinking, ain't got a boy or passport to your name

mountain of monstrosity.

ol' blindfold and spin
yourself then tell somebody you're lost, need a boost
from the world,

ol' thought you loved a man
'cause you felt him under your skin like a sound
but forgot to listen for its borders, you all sensation,

miss everything that ever happened to everybody 
but you, you wallow and silkworm, crusted over
from all that remembering, your ol'

so behind
time is waiting on you to get on with this

just gorgeous