An assembly gathers to discuss the appearance of man in her head.

One, two, three, four, five

They turn their marble heads clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Initially, he’s a wall

the invasion of calcium-rich,

agitated, near shoreline sedimentation

“Silicium,”—which may be nothing,

she says, as she crosses the threshold without knowing

she is passing from one wing to another.


The assembly presses

making her go

first backward then forward

then right and right.


Under the archway

they can see she’s gone

for a chunk or grain deposited

inside the monument:



Bed Load


Sticks and branches

against columns, piles—

He is standing in their midst

shoulders weighted, hands.

“Define Chert,” he says

so casual she is moved

outside where she’ll note

this museum, its façade,

has been etched

with the motif of brain.