God Walks Out of the Room When You're Thinking About Money

Nikki Wallschlaeger

                                                                                            For Quincy Jones 

God slams the door on a lot of folks these days.The Billionaires, he slammed the door so hard the door broke off its hinges. Dearest daughters, wealthy men across the board with their women think they invented beauty. If you go downtown lesser demons scramble on their hind legs for any piece luminous with delusions of wealth. God realizes this. But like I said, God is still human and has his idiosyncrasies. Instead of finally doing something about it he grabs his jacket, slams the door, and takes a cab to his favorite tavern. He hasn’t figured out how to speak to his children since they left the house, outmatched in cleverness and technology. They petition him when he’s supposed to be working, each demanding their own empires, and since God hates feeling guilty, he pays some of them off. Believe me, my broke ass has called his office more than once. Nearly impossible to get an appointment, which is just as well. For generations women have been surviving with God and we’ll keep surviving without God.