hey, a fair analysis of complete blood
                               counts, becomes

one, individual of such analyses
                               of we are all moving 

                               ticks green across a black screen


into and out of our living,
                               parameters defined some
-times by nothing at all but
                               a flash before weather

leaves a negative map
                               for wild surroundings


not so nihilist in the woods, then
                               stillness becomes more       than

one becomes mutagenic, my 
                                     my epiphanies, heart-leaf

                               down the mantle over-and-again, fire 


out and brick draft, heatless
                               and glib, to forest
plot outcomes of mood
                               on mortality, mood on matter, inky 

splatter, mood as intra
                               -cellular activation back


/forth mainlines,              virologic
                               when the option’s harm

reduction reaction only, only
                               less, less harm sustained to

                               cells alone, all

when body’s to blame
                               hey, cartographer, not so
carefully snuffed out, pull
                               back from danger like

pulling back gauze
                               to examine an opening,


bones bereft,
                               like drawing thin sheets

across bare legs, bare ready
                               avoiding new, all harm

                               becomes a tell,


susceptibility to infection,
                               access, osedax, or vision 
toward new vista, stoplight 
                               swinging while the populace swarms,

gesture toward gracious 
                               before opening, index-to-thumb,


and acknowledging harm as that which 
                               edges overspill, avoids, reduces

time dwelt in undergrowth
                               encroaching on the yard


                               and so see a sky dark dropping


instead, instead now
                               now, there and there, a forest
mulching itself into and out
                               of existence simultaneously

and so goes mindful death-mood avoidance
                               so skillfully perpetual as


seemingly sugar 
                               dissolves in cold tea, as a whale

dissolving in the sea
                               I imagine my skull and how much more,

                               how reedy my mood becomes, momentarily so


removed from mortality, my
                               my mood undarkens, how
to avoid becoming my skull
                               reduce access to death by

                               opening, drawing


the fabric back, then drawing
                               back myself, pulling myself

back and opened, ob-
                               servant. Just we all are key,


us becomes, comes back, 
                               and withdrawals.