From That Which Comes After

Alexis Pope

If the mourning never ends

There’s a clot to dig
Through the ground til my body
Changes are made people grow
Out of these sweaters another
Reason for the fire coated
In a light dust from
Behind the oven where I lose
Touch your feelings as I thought
It’s not right anymore and this
Is another sad love poem
The place I go you couldn’t
Follow me to the reading
Features I thought you’d find
Intrigue or emotional depth
Locate you could never
Build a sandcastle without
Getting in my eyes now
Can’t blink it’s almost
Time or how much we’ve
Develop incurable illness
Keep hold my ears until
The pain subsides wonder
What you feel like if cut
Open you might discover

Really had so much to give

Landscapes roll out behind

Me I’m the reason pretty sure

We had as much a chance

Anyone boards the aircraft

Not everything is predictable

Sometimes we can’t get off