find & replace

Sampson Starkweather


replace god with fear
a real religion
the infinite annihilation
of hope for as long as language has allowed
a rope coming to an end
my b on being so real
but I’m talking about the end
of the world
not the cool kind with fire and zombies
or a hero or heroine
walking around dystopian cityscapes
searching for gasoline or meaning or humanity
or something to rescue
but another apocalypse
which is already here
unfolding over and over
like waves
crashing at the feet of no savior
I mean the dream
of standing on a beach
in front of a huge blue tsunami
and you turn to find a towering wall—
the true formlessness of life
letting itself known
we see the world end so many times
our soul is a polaroid
in reverse
obscuring to a blankness
vivid in its notness
memory never stood
a chance
lying in the grass
with you
in the park
at night
under the stars
a slow kiss
all of this
to an end
I’m afraid

               Artwork by Jon-Michael Frank