Ryan Fox

With what bashfulness
in what blue sweater
on whose black driveway

on what museum balustrade
in what leaf pile
in what blue sweater

in whose South St. Louis
among which debutantes
on what Chippewa Avenue

with what mariposa
among what Easter lilies
next to whose St. Jude

upon whose broad-waisted tawny Mississippi
upon whose word

with what intimations of fame in the western wind
among what heroic couplets
in what Paul de Man raincoat

in the dust of whose blue bag of Gauloises
in what fog of Islay

with whose golden boy
over whose shouts of Bravo!
on what stages and side-streets

in what gallery of casts
among what Lydian coins
under what shadow of plaster wings

with whose laurels and with whose fishnets
pursuant to what license
with whose mouth upon which part

on what bridge over what foul creek
on the floor of which apartment
with whose sunglasses on

with what knife in whose hand
in what alphabet
with whose letters in what blue mailbox

with what notoriety
at what slapdash cocktail affairs
in what particular habitat of cruelty

under whose assumed name
in what empire of vice

astride what mirror
on what streetlit bedroom floor
over what landline

from what tainted seed
from which botched vintage
from what malware

at whose bidding and to whose advantage
despite what protestations
and to whose regret