Dreams of Being Human

Bryan Beck

The Picts were once
a proud and formidable
clan of confederated
Celtic peoples that
hailed from the north
of Scotland, north
of the Firth of Forth
and also the Firth
of Clyde. Throughout
the late Iron Ages
the Picts prevailed
in numerous battles
with the Gaelic tribes.

Descendants of the Caledonii
Warrior Tribe of the Benicia
Highland Bandits
Victors of the Battle of Dun Nechtain
Hatchet Wielders
Alba’s Dominators
Annihilators of the Anglian
Tattooed Pounders
Cloud Punchers
Bog Rockets
Z-Rod Scribblers
Sex Criminals
Killers of Men
Face Eaters
Long Jumpers
Killers of All
Mud Slingers
Sharp Tooths
Thunder Feet
Punishers of the Lochs
The Mischiefs
Head Scratchers
Tall Dudes
Blood Tide
Rulers of Strathclyde and Lothian
Bad Boyz
Sea Wolves
Dàl Riata Ramblers

Such were the names
afforded the in-
defatigable Picts.