Don't Wait for the Translation

Gerard Coletta

Why people are all so jealous of one another I sadly understand
Parvati I was wrong about you though I guess now it’s too late
I will dine alone for the rest of my days but I will dine out alone
Heather says Fajitas are for divas but tonight I order them humbly
Also too though I will have dessert as a big Fuck You to prudence
On Sunday everyone ceases to pretend they can dress themselves
The Solar System continues to resent its ongoing bachelorhood
Yet I too know the life things you deem your exclusive preserve
Unhappy conversations with acquaintances while waiting for coffee
The blue lights forming a night river at the rims of wine glasses
Time goes fast and you will be 81 like me my grandmother writes me
My grandmother alone would be proud of this profligate spending
Because every Sunday night is a death but at least I’ve been grand
I have had every weapon deployed against me I’m not scared anymore
And I have been so alone for all my days in bedrooms in kitchens
Have spent hours at the kitchen sink in Sunday household worship
The drying saucepans horseshoe crabs tide-serene and pawing forth
Hours in the ineffable perfect grid of air telling me exactly what I am
But in fact I am a beautiful idiot waiting for the voice and its question
Where are you and that infinite absence before I respond Hello, here