Dissect Recurrent Theme

Stuart McPherson

Dawn raid on the withered finds nothing but
dried straw. Boxed apples, limp bodies in heat.
Illusionary except for fruit flies landing on the
centre of the soul; accentuated decomposition.

Walking away as central persuasion, the core of
its almond scented seeds. Acetic cyanide rhythm
whitening the edges of a paring knife run along 
loved-ones lips. Every nomenclature laid to rest.

Deliberate infection unforgives our daily bread.
Its broken pieces, densest crumbs; submergent
hearts in lieu of death. Precious unit. Sacrosanct
family. My crust of self is soured; too bitter to be

tasted, the same as first disgust felt to recollect.
Its lies of flavour. Lame horse limping to trough
cankered from birth magnanimous to avoid the 
breaker’s flicking crop. Gelding trains gelding.

Rider trains rider. Man trains man to gulp down
dander. Poisonous birds, their blood orange eyes.
Grown beaks to peck the sides of hands looming
love. Occasional migration to the southern-most

reaches. Cleans feathers, tears off strips. Flesh of
sun, dissect plump peaches. A citrine strength to
sustain dry fruit for our young to share, nourish
lean growing bones. Sworn into this; for this. To

think of change as the simplicity of swords held
in hammer grips. Parry fear, gouge out the rot
that lingers in the born marrow. To fall onto its
sharpened point. Open up wound to pour out

dead rivers. The same stink. The putrid smell of
every conjured disappearance. Maybe I should,
and change nothing.  Draw upwards all swing-
ing fists. From memory, coffin lids ; cheap wood.

If this is knowing, then I am lost. Martyred to the
grind of satellites signifying day to night, human
fuel for abnormal heat. This will stop. We will all
stop. I’ve ignored my reasoning, my seasonality.

Made it thin. Sallow yellow fat; some waxy paper.
Between twilight monstrosities find the flight of 
a tawny owl, serene stillness, fade of pine inhaled;
cold inwards breath. Grow entwined in midnight

wintering practice. Orchard reclaims resin, sticky
buds. Rose pink, apple blossom. That we pause a
while, untouched. Sleeping through enslavement.
That I will become a shape for us, without shame.