demographics unit

Steven Alvarez

now that you have completed the citizenship
application you can begin
preparing for the naturalization interview—
let’s take a look at what you can expect
when you are invited to our hielo offices
for yr. citizenship interview . . .
& open up yr. retinas . . .
one asunto mareea­—
two or three please—
are you want to? santa mareea?
jyes i ham . . . demure . . .
please raise yr. right hand—
do you swear to tell the truth—
jyes i do . . .
please have a seat
managed feeling horrid impassable—
what is yr. full name santa mareea?—
pandemico paredes santa maría —
where were you born?
gurgle . . .
do you wish a change in name today?
wd. you like yr. full name on yr. certificate of citizenship?
that wol be fi
how did you come to this country?
allocay por mamá. . .
& when did you become a permit?
i mean resident? . . .
un effor premiere y fier jhanuary two thousan juan—
what is yr. birthday?
born in june ni niteen eighty four . . .
how tall are you?
fi fee y todo . . .
ok when wuz the last time you traveled outside the united states?
last dime travel wantheeng tu thousan fi . . .
& where did you go?
. . . g . o . n . . . e . . .
did you stay outside the country for more than six months?
jwas gone for juan mon
what other trips to take in the last five years?
to esee comedy—como cuatro days . . .
what is yr. address?
eseventy-ford feefty reegeline—
you employed?
jyes plumbeen . . .
married? dead a citizen?
no my wife wuz a permanent—
how many times married?
only juan . . . children?
my daughter es juan jear ol . . .
& she lives? oaxaca . . . esicken
ever registered to vote
in the united states?  no ma’am
you pay taxes? jyes i do . . .
you support the constitution
& form of government of the united states?
right now? understand allegiance to the united states?
do you? hell jhes i tho i did . . .
the oath of allegiance?
it means that i ham loyal to thees nayshon . . .
& buy many things . . . if law requires. . .

bear arms? eslice my neck i wd. . . .
how many states are there in the union?
now if you espeak . . . maybe . . . eight—
if both president & vice died
who becomes president? the espeaker
of the casa—
what special group
takes precedent? the cabinet—bueno
i’m going to dictate to you here’s a pencil . . .
paper . . . write this—ready? jyes i ham okay . . .
i don’t want to be eight united states . . .
that is correct—congratulations!—
you will become a citizen today—
confirm the information is correct—initial
yr. name where indicated—signed
cover here—yr. entire name—& an initial
here & also here—yr. name—there—address—
check no in all these—now go outside
kindly in the waiting tank—they’ll pull
yr. name in the next hour or so & when they do—
please bring yr. green card to the window
—& you’ll have to wait—thank you very much
—we have to—congratulations.
asked officer to repeat the question but she did not.