Deer Black Out

Jessica Baer

gynic called deer black
out reverts to infra 
red, my branches barren

or dualizing poles

where are my polarized ponies are you
as sweet as I remember you 
always being

are you as transcendent
as you anamorph in 
to shift less to form
I in habit my alien
body a bounds

the light leaky slopes at right angles
inter sects the cult cargo
strips it away


I am the capitally
phase aligned sexual
-being petalnothing

these were technical terms
for a blandishment
as a bee scars
a membrane

& reticulates the green
I understood a gear
turns thru endlessness
of fragments,

momentum of scattering
I blenderized in the stem
earthy whole :: hole mothery
we were just
scraping at pts
of overlap 
the water traces
water / under / water
& nothing there left to leak
as a courage retrogresses
its chained to the center:
transitional phase 

advection meant I couldn’t
see you 

this littleleast wrecks shore 
of the skipping loop

juts out in rock
or clamors into 
ash fans blanks out
cropping minerals
as we geminate differentials
unless more than 
theoretical mien sky 
glass abandons
in hollowing a chord
errant at the bow
-sprit the returnal circles
we align with a 
derisive of elements 
beginning at the mother
I can only charts
I can only 
& leaks at 
horror’s a vacuum     spectrum split out the lights
a radical number       of times  division
beat partition race     horse anticipatory
& inchoate the ledge
where I strummed plenistically
the planes as 
the plains as a mirror to dualize 
I recurrent in to
the ground


The circuit is in 
the belike, belikened to 
the ground

& shrugs itself sheer off
a scattering my leaf veins - gorges
& igneous theres hammered to 
to pulp humus
& trough at the 
endlessness vines ware
out at the earth

& the horse
shot into 
red holly, it is 

my notes a sided a chord
that bit crusts & leave it
to foam always only 
at the crease

IV cleave

the alcoholic margins
never exhaust / myself


I slump 
shoulders under 
to the phone lines 
weight of twining inblossoms
refluent petals over
hung word