Conflating surface pansy/ An enforced

Valentine Conaty


surface the centered hand/ Ready, ready
Steady to early
should apparently
                            correlative excitement
In rectum arcadia
            urges romance
Concrete agitated, curb spring to contact



a crisis measure
Order known relatively very

Thus for art reasons, not for slut reasons

Incisive, a relational account
of and only polysexuality
the the clearly/ Can test impulse, climax
suffering approach
                             Technique the swelling
body, let tactical relation accounts


some oppressors, perhaps
from their beds/ Their spread belong

Analogy, lovingly
                            only in want denying
Terminal excitement, intersubjective
delirium/ the thousands their hierarchized
contaminated felt
                             Feminized spread

that bitch fervor/ Inequality in all its fury



inspires intimate giving technique
then as form
                    Performs itself as infection
becomes their during/ throughout

Other in belonging, body enters the
subject, unrelenting/ excites extent seeing
correlatively until
potential/ relational
Confuses analysis


Cannot innocent pansy fantasy
Cuts surface conversely, pastoralizing
                   Rectum become
lease reality
                   an immune among agonies
stricken/ derives actings, urgings

In and the thrusts, then the Others, their
competitive must
                             contaminated most

pastoralizing anal sublime
                                          political body



such restraining
Control any portrays against/ against status
relational images among
                                        said spread
because because sprawls
                                        Sloganesque impulses,
solicited impacts into gender, quarantine
of and self denying/ Sexuality oppositional
spring studies on a form
                                        their against semiotic



said spread/ Regarding
that smoldering Oedipal phallocentrism

Rape gets transmitted guilt/ humiliation
infected into
                    sexual appetite

of internalization
Alleviate every cunt/ archival brutalities
reflectionless, their violent


fuck treatment/ confusion against together
That phallic collaboration
Their wholly their
                              Making, lovingly, other
systemic approach
                              turns/ vents

particular currents into

Can turned manifestations
part-human belongings



of anally relation they, invaded anatomical
                      image/ Subject appears
for excitement during

Spreads spreads terminal loving momentum
ongoing until split openly
appearing in antibody body,
courting inhuman consciousness/ Brutalities,
marginal, originary


Sexy openly pervasive
felt only/ intimate recent belonging
Capacities suggest

                              socially diminished
still, infinitely real
                              insatiable enjoys

consequently multiple fantasy/ Another
tended the the
                       as is likely, still



Suggests idolizing/ idealizing self behaviors

Still, centuries buried and
return female
                      for correlative suggestive eroticizing
Signs splint every desired
                                           against belonging
Of until television bodies,
reflection in crisis



crisis mechanisms for revised
making through
of once belonging fury
Can’t such justification
Cunt in inequalities
reform maybe real real
Others in every very
crisis queen conveniently that
violent react/ Spectator specific, mere intimate
                      after human rectum



radical, indefinitely
her divided/ Received reflection
allows body of inherent
policed desires
                        Rapist’s tooth afflicts within

voice another
Insertee of fantasmatic impulse
What animal counterpart
                                         could sublimation
spring extinct from its gestation

What part-human remain



Spring appetite
for feminine manifestation
intensifying/ intrinsic
                                  Cunt systems turn
                     whistling on axis

Secretly beacon
exiting body,

transmitted ribbing
Vibrations into
mirror foil pastoral in reverse
in an unseeming of form
                   ambivalent ego

rhomboid unavoidable
breath rendered/ How deftly
rephrasing placebo body