Chalk It up to My Ache Adoration

Jessie Janeshek

We only fucked once when our enemies calmed
    the bolt in my hip                                the calamine hind hump.

                              The maple church burned
                                                bourbon in blue rooms                        cauldrons colliding
                                                                                    cats’ eyes getting fat.

It was so hard to rouse me
    from my sphinx state
                                                you made me fetch ankles        
                                                that sad afternoon


                                                                                    rub my head on the rocks
                                                like a dog in the river                           rolls for a mate. 

                                               I came home late                     over the gully
                                                to feel someone follow me      grey baby pull.

I wander a bit              don’t sleep in the white

          since it’s all part of pickup truck victory         

          and there’ll be an end              to this future precision                        pink cock and skin

          once I have enough foresight   
          to know that you’re bad luck or luck.