Buttermilk Barbara

Adrienne Raphel

Once knew a lady who lived in a walk-up,
Top of the house in a three-story walk-up,
She walked with a walker to the top of her walk-up,
Barbara is tracking her down.

Once knew a man with a house by the bay
Till the hurricane came and took it away.
He chased all the girls, honey don’t, honeydew,
But we never knew he’d chase Barbara.

Barbara, we said, we think that you’re stealing,
The lady is nothing but thread.
He’s bought her a whistle and a bikini
He’s in his pajamas till one.

Who are the people working for Barbara,
Barbaras with extra vowels.
We used to have people for extra towels,
Barbara is all of them now.

He’s the man from the bay who knew all fifty states,
And now he’s counting on Barbara.
The clock in the kitchen’s shouting out birds,
Even the Superette’s closed.

    One little maiden went with a bellyache 
    Two of them went for a splash
    Three little maidens, too much Double Dutch
    Four of them simply collapsed

    Three little maidens dripping buttermilk
    Four of them with glass heads
    Two little maidens Made in China
    Which one is already dead