Blue Hill

Henry Finch

Unqualified blue cerulean shade blue bookish look blue don't be disappointed blue OK then be disappointed blue feeling blue curtains dissolve as you open them blue don't be discontented with the lack of February blue OK then be discontented blue be sad coffee blue this very blue pillow doesn't seem to mind blue blowing blue bubbles toward the blue heavens OK then toward the blue window blue coloring snow by way of miraculous bluestockings palming blue as blue backs bathe in the blue blissed backwaters Bluebeard bucketed barrels and basins blue of blue polygamy in the blue room by the bayou blue libertine bundling the bluebells in the blue blossoming spring the blueberry barrens in waiting bluebirds bundled in blue bushes as rain blows blue the rainbow too blue for this party blue blood in the lilies and beggars blowing blue kisses to your nobility blue blowing the nobleman blue now bring me his blue-blooded face Bacchus bowing Boccherini blue on a backyard boulder blue intrinsic quilter of blue noble binding the bluebook and baring your beautiful blue breasts in view of the bluecoats perfectly blue rounded blue devils blue fork tonguing the blue hallucination blues of bluefish suspended in ice as I clawhammer bluegrass on the banjo blueing the atmosphere bluing affection imbuing hues of blue as I listen to the blue news a bluejacket smuggling blue jays into the hospital breaking blue joints under the blue light of Blue Monday OK then bleakly basking my buttered biscuits all Blue Monday long ‘til the blue moon shoos my blue from room to room blue indefinite time of blueness I raise the Blue Peter I am leaving this teary-eyed port blue hoist the Blue Peter steer clear the blue buoy blue point us in the blue direction tie me to the blue mast with blue ribbon and fill my bluing billowing heart with blue ruin because the blues are not some blue thing you learn in blue uniform sauntering blue through town whistling a blue song surrounded by sadness as bluestockings urge blue pedants to take blue notice the blue affecters resonating blue chewing wadded blue stockings waking up bathed in a blue streak