yr four days in three nights

Steven Alvarez

thousand miles north of Polis A
                                                             6:09by way of
Polis A troops seventeen & three oh one
                                                             6:13throPolis A
boots on the ground walls & walls of boots
                                                             6:18isn’t as abt
seven or toll on Polis B
                                                             6:20a beam
                                                             6:22good for
six weeks away
                                                             6:25this camp
was fun for forty days
                                                             6:28for the
families of Polis B traumatic scrolls
                                                             6:30now thirty
hours out of Polis A
if you’ve been working in agriculture
all of my life w
in a relatively new field carries all nineteen hundred
                                                             6:47sucked up
there are some strong over there are a lot of stuff for
Polis B droids
struggle back for the Polis A congressman from
                                                             6:54well zone
justice applied here
                                                             6:58used to be
6:59this is likely whereas the water supply overhear that’s a great time for Polis A to be alive