When There's No Breadfruit

Sarah María Medina

            you with your past procession of/ voluptuous/ didn’t have time for ish/ you prayed/
inside/ a pyramid/ shaped sky/ took my gold/ palm/ & said come/ we didn’t speak/ the same/ 

            language/ alone/ you gifted/ clairvoyant/ alone/ we climbed water/ tower/ flooded/
inside/ you found me in high/ without satiated wing/ i played like all the tipos/ that

            harmonized/ from the South Side/ i rolled honey/ blunt/ & pulled fire through/ teeth/
spread (caona)/ like they pulled/ (doble)/ the game/ to breathe/ as many mouths/ in a day/

            the next gone down/ in a bullet or razor/ a narrow escape/ of speeding tunnel/ párate/
can we go back? the studio 10 Gs now/ our city spit me out/ & it’s gone dead/ pa' dónde/

            están/ so many beards/ so little river on tongue/ mamabichos called looking/ i was one of/
the men/ in my feminine/ i wouldn’t say it was low life/ open to heat/ stovetop left/ & tostones

            greased/ our pink/ pa' dónde/ están / tres/ beloved because/ you were always beloved/
your past procession of/ la penumbra/ little more than my own/ no longer if/ i’d wife/ enough

            for you/ caught me/ flinging/ myself as light/ from every rooftop/ i came across/ alone/ clairaudient/
i gifted/ sound wave/ to ride/ to escape dawn/ no river/ no sea/ inhaled backward