This New Planet

Lizzie Harris

This new planet could potentially
support life. House water. Its sun, smaller
but more giving. Ultraviolet.
I follow an existence that’s 130,000 years
away. I browse a decades-old list
of images NASA Wants Aliens to See:

[Charts and graphs; Equations; Mapped locations;
Loose definition of distance.]

I wade through the stream, punctuated
by Starbucks ads. On this new planet,
a year is 11.4 days—11, and a leap day.

[Picture of neighboring planets (one labeled
Home); The sun, our sun.]

If there were life on this planet,
it might crimson
with light. If life were to be findable,
it might find us.

[Anatomy: Genitalia;

Billionaires are developing a Nano stamp.
Hope moves like a micro-sail.
Hope moves like light, but markedly slower.

[Tree toad, in hand; Man with dog;
Woman eating from an ice cream cone.]