Sunphone And Orinoco Blip

Jonty Tiplady

I could hardly test the waters for spring. What goes without saying
is blistered, Hollywooding what’s good for you into the summer
of Albertine. They’ll be convincing themselves of finitude forever,
decided what they want. What five seasons of hell could God
prove with a hundred hands on a single flower, the abaziingelosi
subscript costing no inverse to syncope the weird weird world
to four times gold by none. Earth is not, there is nothing that is
everything, wake at dawn and make new thoughts. Listen to the world
eating under the seats, like a burnt radiator west of the Arctic Riviera.
This is where the paper fold line-breaks in the dark, language tired
of itself seizure-tilting. Consent to that whole fixation for screaming
out loud, gripped in the theatre of blood alert, hold back make your
reasons beyond that. The channels of écriture stream across the sun,
gentler with the mewling thing and after-rain America straining
magenta rue, conduit noonlight squadron perfection. This summer,
ladled entirely by the removal of primary crit, snogging the unupdatable paradise of skins,
what goes without saying it does, reacting best to the
ongoing heresy following l’arrêt de l’extinction, who am I writing that
disclose for? Least filmed are the sophomores flying by now and Orinoco smudges of the
kinder egg alkaline sunrise, dimpled through an uncrazed
warmth. Malkina motherly pearls, against limbic fold, cloud-bronze,
fobbed off the packets of lighter-shaped emblems, glintering the black-
eyed tidal difference nutcracker bright shadow snow wish to wishing
blue. Masters of none know this is winter and that by skyfall snag-
bonded flunkers bend the flower of the sun, lapped into frostbite.
Wearing that voice that doesn’t fit, like a leg film ballooning a text-
cradle thundered into meaning by the niche finality of Haribo
Ozymandias. Indigo trapwires the overlapping sons, because lost so vividly
into the fast spec of lanes, as the hidden upgrades glow to a rustle
spitting out grey and pink, taught by mating calls of e to d, overnight.