Please Don't Think I'm Being Disrespectful

Sarah Sarai

The church was hot. I drank holy water.
Just like that I was Jesus at the well.

Lower the bucket into a caged spring. 
Your skin holds together but how together are you? 
Our flaw is sunk deeper than a well.  

I asked a Samaritan woman for help.
Now I am the Samaritan woman and
         you are he.

Story is best friend and long-found love. 
Don’t lead a dress pattern life,
         a bed-in-a-bag life.

He who was thirsty and also a prime number
told the Samaritan who was a woman,
         The One is spirit. 

From my two semesters of Homeric Greek:
“psyche” translates as spirit and soul and breath,
         as in The goddess has bad breath.

Not to mention her spirit and soul.