from The City is Lush With / Obstructed Views

Greg Nissan

To take the doubleness out
 Of statement and return the
  Scarf for love, as credit.
   I’m sick of hedging my
    Maze and I’d bet you
     Are too. Why not join
      Aphasias? Apply sunscreen to the
       Hand applying. The first brick
        Is a mass, not pattern
                         so add


Enough with cranes. Alphabetizing erogenous
 Loans led to an onslaught
  Of ardency. We can hardly
   Speak we. Lost in renovation's
    Palindrome—no, her light's on.
     Not insomnia but bartered weather
      Prints me off this chthonic
       Terrace. I mean the city
        Kindly privatized. Cranes the highest
                        tithing line


The corpse in caustic soda
 Bathing as a feathered frame
  Don't you touch me like
   That. Axis after axis of
    That. From a distance the
     Skyline recombines its vassaled tesserae.
      But I'm the ugh, forever
       Circuitry. Together we can learn
        To disconnect the Tuileries. It
                       starts with