bowers white

xtian w.

being nonplussed by negative space,
we bower bounty like stillness smite quietude.
what’s homegrown in the new world.

occupier, i morsel, colonize a bounty strung
seamed in wool. cast spectrum. simulate. when my
bower satiates, what becomes productive worth?

elusive foci; threaded striations; chosen;
not-choiced. shaken chains and deaf
which is different, though oft paired w/ mute.
see shadow cross window frame and fear.

lacquer me here, artifact the surroundings.
we’ll feel safer now; the weather glibbing
post-seasonal, the oil a mirth a foundate.

tasked w/ nesting i weave a contour, one
dimensional and thready. thing of beauty,
camel eye. what a molt! hand speech accelerate.

make a nest of dissonance and place
yourself there. look around at all you love.
i wish the man in me would never speak,
but the body knows breath language

proudest. all else brought to shab.
shelter would shelter and technology save us.
irony being white hot like the white heat

the white brought here. there will always be
room in the inn. locate, allocate, print
an elegy and paint the trim.

mantle bore kettle and ash. here is a world,
oak kindled, kitchen broomed and set.  
negative of negative space not always
being positive. come home now.