The Aerial View

Benjamin Landry

[Yuna Kim competing in the 2010 Olympic Women’s Figure
Skating Long Program

                                    apart from this

a new frequency
deep into
          gravel pits

the yellow
                     tucked necks
            of quiet machines
                                 pneumatic sleep

the only view
          that makes sense
                                            is the aerial one
                                                                 from there
loves look manageable
and tragedies
          appear barely
                                to stir
the tall stalks

                                the blind
beam of light scanning
          a wrecking arm


                                          and as it went
             you left your crouch
to bolt joyously
                                  the many lanes
the unlit interstices

as parched
as casual
as the dangerous rocks

         what does the clockwise
tell you that the counter-
                               clockwise does not

                                                            in both
you end up a trial case

           you turn to address
                        this strange one
the bandages
          old friend
                                you want to say
                      through the cage

                                of your hand