Kindred Spirits

Alan Gilbert

Most of speech is a lie,
so call me the lil’ dribbler.
Amateur astronomers discovered a black hole
right there in the middle of summer.
Bean sprouts grow around it,
along with a case of beer.
We found some of it for sale at the drugstore,
but didn’t want to upset the stroller
parked next to the sliding doors.

There’s a bend in the river
every time I come to visit.
Maybe I should work late today.
This train platform will be cold in winter.
Regardless, it’ll need to get darker
before we can show that film.
I can sit still for this
until I’m trademarked by Nabisco
or just pretend to act moody.

A slowly spinning carousal
twinkles brightly in the forest.
Hunters wear an orange vest over camo.
We don’t check the mail
as much as we used to.
For day trips, it’s good to pack a lunch.
Resignation isn’t always a form of defeat.
Miners carry their own air into the mix
of dust and glitter.