From o’ to be young black & gifted

Mike Crossley

The grand jury can be all it can be

The investigative body of the exclusionary rule

Meaning,: to provide evidence against yourself

This rubber stamp looks like a federal indictment

Or lack thereof — the joke on the beltway, right

The 5th Amendment walks into the Prettyman

 & says fuck you to the 6th —

The grand jury can be all compelling us to Proctor & Gamble

The grand jury has interests

I have the right

to file a complaint

Meaning,: In Addition to New Complex Rules
               : File Between 8:10 – 8:15  No Really

Meaning,: To intimidate




This isn’t working anymore

you can catch half the hood

down at the new star plaza

everyone stopped makin it rain bro

we tippin racks now

time moves @ the speed of light

& I’m staring in the mirror like

look at all this luggage

sometimes I feel so heavy

the science of no sleep

Rick Ross nudged the pear margin, ya’ll

I’m eating massive amounts

& burning it in the quantum

late summer my anxiety

sprouts into passionfruit

$ I compare it layer by layer $

Big ups to the unexpected revelation

We doin the tootsie roll in conf. rm B

Cotton Candy Sweet & Gold

The wait is 45mins @ the barbershop

This is the year of the sheep

But yo, I ain’t trippin



When I started ballin I was young

Dunkin 4ft rims

NBA JAM homie

Fire like my mixtape


This is straight A’s

Yale academic suspension

Just ’cause my memory on fleek


[ This is 55 missed classes

& still passing every exam—

cotdamn, I’m charged up ]


Bruh, just ’cause persimmons taste like shit

Don’t mean I won’t eat them fuggas to get high

I’m besides the point w/ my hands up


No lie, I  had to speak to the DA

Holding a book of physics essays

Thinking yo, I can’t catch another case


Time caught up to Kronos fa’sho

In some other life

I built an idol for the gods

In this one, I cautiously exit the vehicle



Big ups to the microbial

Big ups to the low blow


Big ups to the bottom

where we started


& the now we’re here

Big ups to the ones who didn’t make it


Big ups to the ones who did

Big ups to the Pompeii dog


Big ups to the minor inconvenience

Big ups to the Roots


California Love plays

Big ups to the truth


Big ups to no one in particular

Big ups to You