A Scab Briefly Unconscious on 14th & Broadway

José Vadi

member of black bloc knocked
out by OG on the block, i bear no

hatred toward you, you likely NARC in black
ski mask purchased on trips with mom at

Target, this non-urban Concord youth - angry,
alert, paid law enforcement scabs -

you placed hands on L, my sister,
provoking oldtimer to abandon his

post and re-distribute his wealth to you,
a set of knuckles at a time,

don’t burn down my bus stop protest peaceful,
          i yelled (probably)
maybe instead i too knuckled up,

forced my nails into a knife
on my psychosomatic wolverine shit,

 you shit dumb fuck,
don’t come with that shit in the town
          (probably said)

i didn’t overhear the out of town cops
swoop in, take Cohen and his Detroit red hair some

where the numbers sharpie scrawled on forearms matter,
from where i am running away, and towards

a bar that knows the sight of my face more
than the uniformed guardians of these streets.