Vague Bonds

Toby Fitch

          i’ve found the formula to the cave    shadows that dance      as capital
                       bend     with the fire    be    hind     making haste & love

                         on wine-dunked biscuits    i’m of the mind      in vested interest
         state of the sun     funding my silly    digital dreams of the present

                          hum-based opportunity    echoes the daze i repaid with a grin
to the friendly society    dungeon master    projecting wealth   hijinx and bondage

       o bank me     satanic brother   risen    from being poor     put to sleep
               for slavering over the windows    up here in haven  glass has a greenness

a freedom weakness i don’t know much    about bad luck     or feeling taxed
                         but     i do know we are    guilty      vague world     veiled by and

  suffused in the enterprise    so i’m lying    on a beach     putting my eyes out
                             phantoms luxuriating    through the night now

                happy to be alien      from the    future      remain in exile
                         landscape of rare muzak    i have crossed over