from Polar Bodies

Katy Lederer

Lord, we pray.

How we intone and we
suggest. You digest us.

Tell us, what you have
in store.

Contusions in
the atmosphere,

you have to spill
and bleed. I lick you

up. With all good speed
deceasing, Lord. Please tell us how

to pray. You
to me.


We were bound into a state
We called it protein. Thus sustained

in animation,
we would call it

carbohydrate. Carb
and carbon, carbon-

ate. Once we had
landed on

the moon, we read
our fortunes in the entrails of

the contrails,
which had billowed. Bill and

billow, billow-


And it was thus
we had to ask

which forms?
And which

in rotting matter
shall unusually

We were examples

as we,

beamed. Our Lord,
we are as destiny

inside of these
cell walls.


Our mineral natures
compelled us

to move. We had
hooves. We had horns. (We blew

our brains out

There, in that hollow,
like a unicorn,

we found we were unique,
perhaps imaginary

beings. How we
would dance and sing

and run in rings. In
hard circles.


To find
what? A feather, or

another food? There,
with its large breast pressed

down. And hung. Hung
down. There in

ammonia, eyes rolled back and beak
pecked heavy,

low. We knew
that we

were also yoked, were birthed
and grown for

something wholly other than
a firm belief.


Existing in this
blandishment, the

long and lilting
lines. The

long and
lilting lies.
These are

the whitest
of the lilting lies. If we had dared

to tell you (lies),
if we had dared

to make them
ours, would something other

have unfolded?
Bell the butterfly effect.


But believe us:
we loved.

And believe us:
we moved through blue jets

for our love.
And red jets.

Streaming like a light,
we moved together.

How we loved!
Had we believed

we might have learned
to love. The ring around the sun

had lit our eyes before it blinded


In our energy

we arced
like a lamp.

We had once coupled.
We had coupled

and welded.

From on high
and on low,


malformed, you had
adored us.


Resonant in
coupling. Therefore

macro, micro-


We reproduced
electric sparks

and others who
we recognized

as us.
Please say you are

our God.
Our God.


To have been
relative, or

relatives. Beneath
the expectation of

a fraction
of relief,

there was a very tiny

of grief.
Thus thrown through

gas and heat
we floated up to the soft

surface of our hearts,
which beat and beat.


Bolted to our mass
and also volume.

Bolted to our swaying mass
or mast. Bolted

to our
selves. Lengthwise.

Bolted, we had run around
in circles with our articles

of food. Thus we had been

We had called our foodstuffs
sustenance. So help us,

Lord, your are the wine and bread
and golden bolted robes.


Keep us in
the bleachers where

we cheer and boo
the other team,

whosoever that team
should have been

on that day
we did once cry there

in the rain for our
old losses and

our recent gains. O Lord,
why did you

make us thus? We can’t recall
the score.