The Tower

Jacqueline Waters

Larry Rockefeller wants there NOT to be a tower built in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
to hold and serve 1300 employees of LG Electronics
because from New York City for example at the Cloisters
you’d see it looming over the Palisades
which the Rockefellers gave the public long ago as a green gift
to hold and serve the lordly Hudson
but LG Electronics, in their defense, drew up what they say
are TRULY accurate renderings of the proposed building
which is to be sleek, glass and “significantly” wider than it would be tall
and therefore (shrewd conclusion) can not be called “A TOWER” at all

Not even he
can hold the pole
on a line tense in the teeth of a sea monster—
it takes magical strength
shepherded moonbeams, a bride’s
minimizing anger at her groom …

It’s not like racing around
buying flowers for every short and tall pair of women friends you spy—
there’s NO idleness, not even enough of a lunch hour
to shut down the zone waivers
blow back all the dollars
wired here one way or another
based on a reading of shape—
though the New Jersey governor
(whose shape is all anyone talks about)
has taken no position on the project
floating sage above battles
waged by artists’ skewing—
so like a cloud! So moveable!
Like all he wants is release
from the “hard-won” knowledge
position has convinced him
he’s earned—born between vehicles
clustered at the tunnel’s entrance
his name in papers
teeming with jobs
for construction-sector New Jerseyans, his days
asleep on the breasts of strangers—
those warm people cavorting, in minimal satisfaction
in the middle way of life

(And it was to be your home
when the angels dropped you to it—
You were prayed over
so very many times
her palm on your forehead
her other hand
waving in the angels
pointing out to them
ill parts)

It’s probably our hearts. One day, from one drug or another, they’ll beat faster
we’ll go to throw it all in, every
green thing we’ve ever lingered over
seizing and stroking each tree
like that nick in the diamond’s side that leaves it
useless for wooing anyone worthwhile