The Noble Lie

Anne Tardos

The cognitive value of happiness and well being function as endless enjoyment.

The collective responsibility of happiness and well being lies in endless enjoyment.

Collective enjoyment’s responsibility endlessly benevolent folly.

Wifely letters controlling with farcical solemnity and simian ridicule, not a fool, but a woman of the world.

In frustration of this natural authority, outright contempt, they chose to speak on behalf of the ill mannered.

A deviation from daily routine, a threat to established rules, every moment of every day.

Loving care of every detail will help me disappear without a trace. This is not a movie or a novella, what did you expect?

You need to understand what this is: they will barely let you say half a sentence before losing patience with you, but this is not a movie.

Carefully crafted pathway, leading to unknown places where longing leaves hesitation behind.