The Honey Lump Watched From Here Goes On

Catherine Blauvelt

Without Without. Late Only O And Married,
Sell Me Light. Field waiting lid, will does
a way. Coil, do I, do I? I’ll put my light
in a vase. Outside, growless rain flapping
as it hits the pavement. Thousands of white
birds going nowhere—unsnow. Indigo
thumps. I’ll say one breath: coo. Doing, I Fling
my mouth at the moon. Almighty arm and
leg splashing night where she loves. Parsley
lulu rug, pulse. No, Shadow, I don’t need you.
Forgotten air, I fling my mouth at the moon.
Gold-Clear While, yes, I’ll hold. Move the line
to my fingers. Before the world, hear
the distance when she appears Whole.