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Cornelia Barber

If we could write reviews of our partners, would we
Act as unjustly as we do? If every person had to go through
An emotional and spiritual government funded analysis
For which, if you don’t pass, you are not allowed to find a job, 
Enter into a new relationship, or possess any worldly objects
Except the basic necessities—would we be as mean?

You rejected the earth and you boiled it
And you shoveled it mountainous on top of the sea

You rejected the wind that would have forgiven you.

It is not easy to see all the colors of green
To wash the clothes in sun, in sun and nipple
To peg you down as ‘my one true love’
To tack on cliché and ritual     (as if they are not the same)

What story you wrote, un-wrote
The sea, the shells of black
The conduits for suffocation
Wrote out onto the tips of her fingers
Her human, her alien, her angel
All shoveled and prophetic
Many landscapes before she was forgiven

Sea monsters live without knowing it,
His feelings for her welling into her
Growing where there is water

Where there is water the plains mature
The plains settle or increase their vibrations

They are rough
It is a needle through the land
Through her stomach

It is filling up
The mud
A calcifying

A stone

It grips them and holds them
It is their home inside her stomach
It is a cannonball

The truth
and the wind