Pliant Intake

Davy Knittle

I feature my mother
I buy a toaster that prints her face
it toasts only in places 
and is some effort 
to line up the parts 
some of mom
but some of me 
and some of you, asleep 
and some of my brother
if I had a brother I’d pray
I’d feature myself in him 
and that the same day
asleep in us would glow 
and find us in one another 
you asleep I carry in me 
and my feet cull my tracks 
I feel in the forest
when there’s no one around 
I future our grain
follow its lines to fruit 
if I helped my brother 
I’d take his hand up the subway stairs 
we’d get off the Q train together 
and he would be a forum
to talk about our states  
we’d have waited for the train
and talked about 
that woman I loved after she died
Elizabeth said she’s real nice 
Elizabeth who I love and her dog 
who smells me and knows me 
partly for Elizabeth I’ll furrow 
in that dead woman’s work 
I’ll cave and cave again
when her poems permit it 
I follow her line to forest
I remember its room
here after I’ll think of it 
and still be where it is