Of Fear

“Because terror enforces oblivion”

“It is an archipelago beneath scrutiny”


“Who to watch with a beady eye and report to the police”

“These mystical abominations to make me and mine fear”

“Until we lose this overwhelming sense of fear”

“Those in pressing fear of it, losing capacity”

“I offered what was clearly the wrong advice”

“I voted ‘fear both equally’”


“Its very mistakes justify further expansion of the apparatus”

“Or have we run up against the limits of the possible”


“Now fear gives wings to our heels as in the above examples”

“Now it nails down and fetters our feet”

“Moreover, it exceeds all other disorders in intensity”


“As for the question of how does one argue, I think one argues in the usual way”

“At all events it is a strange passion”

“They call these panic terrors”