a delicacy around
the world, is fish sperm.
There’s a travel agency
called Unagi Travel in Tokyo
that allows you to pay
for your stuffed animal to take a vacation
without you.
The longest interval between the birth of
two twins is 87 days.
The bloodhound dog is the only animal
whose evidence is admissible in
United States courts.
The length of the cut umbilical cord
was thought to
predict the length of the baby’s penis.
There is enough iron in a nourished
human body to make a nail.
Climax, Cumming, and Gay
are all names of cities in Georgia.
Human male fetuses
can get erections in the womb.
If an entire
family is overweight, chances
are the dog is too.
The first soup was made from
Hippo, and dates back to 5,000 B.C.